about the website

HorriblyRight.com is your definitive online source for information on the comings and goings, and yes even the doings, of the Phelps clan: Greg, Josie, Meredith & Andrew. Mainly, as you can gather with just a quick glance at the site, it is skewed just a wee bit towards the kids. This is mainly in response to our fan base, who rarely ask me to post any new information or pictures of me or Josie. And even if they do, it's clear they're just being polite. Give the people what they want, I say.

about the name

Started in the summer of 2003, the name "horribly right" has provoked a slew of questions, more than you would think. Mostly people want to know what it means. A sampling:
What do think is so horrible? You don't think Meredith is horrible, do you? You better not be saying that Meredith is horrible.
Yes, this is exactly the case. I can't believe how many people saw through me so easily. And here I thought I had hidden my disdain so well. Curse that website name, for giving up my secret so insidiously. Sheeesh!
Is it political? Are you saying that Republicans are horrible? Hey, you ARE a patriot, aren't you?
Maybe it was because 2004 was an election year, but this was invariably a question I heard a lot. Even innocent little vanity web sites full of baby pictures couldn't help but become embroiled in partisan intrigue, I guess. Double sheesh!
Why do you have to use that word 'horribly'? I think that's just, well, horrible. I don't understand why you'd use that.
Sheesh again! It's just a name. For the record, the name has no hidden meaning. When seeking out a name for the site, it met most of the criteria for what I was looking for:

»» Is it easy to remember, easy to spell? Yes, more or less.
»» Is it least mildly clever or punny? Sure, I think so.
»» Is the name available? Yep, it sure was; this was one of the most important considerations.