pics posted 04/19/2007

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IMG_2443 IMG_2446
looking out the window, pondering his day
Me and M after she knocked me down
IMG_2466 IMG_2473
just hanging around, literally
sacked out on my chest
IMG_2492 IMG_2495
chilling with Granddad
with Mimi and with fantastic new quilt (from Mimi)
IMG_2526 DSCN0250
cute? Who me? Aw, you're just saying that...
Compare this to the last picture. This is M at about the same age (5 weeks) in 2003.
DSCN0015 DSCN0020
dressing up at school
A is making Grammy pretty darn happy
DSCN0017 DSCN0029
a fine display of "big sistering"
posing in his hip-hop duds
DSCN0036 DSCN0038
he already has more hair than me
tummy time champion
DSCN0049 DSCN0001
does this outfit make my head look big?
nice seats, eh?
DSCN0003 DSCN0014
Me and M at Wrigley; Cubs lost
one mellow dude
DSCN0018 sc024ef4c1
even mellower
a school pic from last fall
sc024e47c0 DSCN0002
another school pic from last fall
up close and personal
DSCN0011 DSCN0017
he can't get away from the paparazzi
another big sisterly action shot

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